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In this file you will find the names from the previous file, but now provided with one or more examples of their work. This also gives a good idea of the diversity and the styles in which they worked.

This document is a PDF-file. If you know a name or part of the name and want to look if it is included in this file, you can search for it using the shortcut Ctrl + F, after which the search screen appears. You can also search using Japanese characters. 

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28.10 | 03:59

Greetings, I have this beautiful Antique Satsuma Candy Box, which I obtained along with Other Porcelain Pieces when Buying an Apartment in an Aution, I would like to cup it and then sell it....

04.10 | 22:52

Sorry, but I'm not an appraiser, so I'm definitely not giving an official appraisal. But if you send some pictures, maybe I can give an indication, based on my experience as a collector: Info@satsuma-

04.10 | 15:27

I've got a tiny collection to show, i would like to know how much it's worth.

17.05 | 09:05

Please, write to

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